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I've got hot girls wanting to suck and fuck me all day long. They want me to get them jobs in the porn industry. There's just one problem with that, I'm the Fake Agent UK! I usually like a creampie with my cup of tea, and I'm partial to a slice of anal. Click play to get a good idea of what I mean. Enjoy! PS. This one's on me, free! Keep calm and carry on fucking.

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It's amazing whats girls will do when faced with having sex with a midget in order to earn thousands of dollars in the future. They'll do pretty much anything, although this Californian beauty did...(Read more)

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Recently I interviewed a hot little Spaniard named Amarna, now this girl did a wonderful thing today, she sent along one of her sexy Spanish friends along to me. Thank you very much. As she was after...(Read more)

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In my youth I loved Escorts, whether it was an XR3i, RS Turbo or my old favourite an Escort Cosworth. Fucking things of beauty. Well a different sort of escort turned up today, in the form of Carly....(Read more)

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This afternoon I had a little shock visit from a former interviewee, a chick called Tina. Now this chick was hot, really hot, tall, tits, peachy arse, you name it she had it. Fucking mint. So she's...(Read more)

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Some birds love anal, some hate it, then there are some you just know would love it. Lucia turns up punctual which immediately puts me in a good mood. We then get down to why she's here and it turns...(Read more)

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I'm Mr. Huff and I run a little model agency in the States, where I interview hot girls who have ambitions of becoming top models. The only problem is I too am a fake agent and there are no jobs in...(Read more)

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Late, late, late. I fucking hate it when chicks are late to an interview, even if it is a fake interview, it's lateness all the same. So she tells me the taxi took longer than expected... Pull the...(Read more)

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Tell you what I'm getting a lot of lately. De ja vu. Today's chick looked all too familiar, though during the interview she did tell me she had done a bit of porn before, so I may have had a good old...(Read more)

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Not a lot surprises me, but when I ask a bird if she has any party tricks and she replies with...'I can fist fuck myself' well, that certainly is a game raiser! Candi had recently lost her job after a...(Read more)

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Once you've had sex several times you start to understand that a lot of the excitement in any encounter comes from the hunt leading to your next sexual conquest. Fake Agent UK shows you the backstory and build up with all the suspense that makes real sexual intimacy so enjoyable. What will the agent say next, and what will she do when he asks? Get all the answers right now in rich HD quality exclusive sex videos from the best casting agent reality porn site. Fake Agent UK Porn is all right here for you!