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I've got hot girls wanting to suck and fuck me all day long. They want me to get them jobs in the porn industry. There's just one problem with that, I'm the Fake Agent UK! I usually like a creampie with my cup of tea, and I'm partial to a slice of anal. Click play to get a good idea of what I mean. Enjoy! PS. This one's on me, free! Keep calm and carry on fucking.

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There is something people always say about nurses... They are all great in the sack and this one was no exception. Honesty's boyfriend had recommended that she apply for some porn work, as she wasn't...(Read more)

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Lateness... I fucking hate it, and this next bird was proper late. Normally I'd give the girl a good grilling when they finally turn up, though when I opened the door I was speechless. Kichomi was...(Read more)

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I'm a big fan of tattoo's and the next bird had lots of class tatt's all over her posh sounding, slim looking body. Initially I thought I may have had my work cut out with this one, but it turned out...(Read more)

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Lots of girls I see have either fake tans, fake tits or fake lips. But every once in a while a natural big tits babe stumbles through my door. Today it was in the form of a blonde czech girl called...(Read more)

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Spain. Lovely place. Cold beer, great beaches, hot women. What more could a fella want? Recently I'd had a number of hot Spanish girls come through my door and today was no exception. Julia had come...(Read more)

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Sometimes my mate the taxi driver sends along some right stinkers to me. Downright filthy things. Then every once in a while he comes through with a pearler of a girl. Today was that day. Lexxi was...(Read more)

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I normally like the end of the business week anyway, but I had an even bigger reason to have a big old grin over my chevy chase today... Hazel & Jack, that's right a couple turned up today, a couple...(Read more)

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When I first laid eyes on Paige I honestly thought she had come to the wrong place. A very shy and dare I say timid sort of girl. But when she said she was up for pretty much anything and her eyes lit...(Read more)

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So I asked Barbie, 'have you ever considered doing porn?' To which she says, 'what's the money like?' A girl after my own heart, straight to the point. Well, of course I tell her it's fucking amazing...(Read more)

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