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I've got hot girls wanting to suck and fuck me all day long. They want me to get them jobs in the porn industry. There's just one problem with that, I'm the Fake Agent UK! I usually like a creampie with my cup of tea, and I'm partial to a slice of anal. Click play to get a good idea of what I mean. Enjoy! PS. This one's on me, free! Keep calm and carry on fucking.

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You know how I hate chicks turning up late, well this one surprised me, she was early and when it came to asking her age she was very truthful. Early & honest. Excellent. Not to mention she was also...(Read more)

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I do so love it when a hot girl turns up and wants to get into an avenue of porn, as it's so much easier to tempt them over to the dark side... Or as I like to call it, the dwarf side of hardcore...(Read more)

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Girls turning up late always puts me in a bad mood, but when Paige turned up I couldn't be too mad with her as she was cute as pie. As we go through the usual chit chat she tells me she's done...(Read more)

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Today I received a shock, a previous girl I'd interviewed turned up, though I didn't recognise her from Adam. Not a scooby doo. I should have because she was fucking stunning! So she started telling...(Read more)

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As you know I'm an arse man through and through, but I do appreciate a good pair of tits too. Well Tammara had both, a great big firm arse and a whopping set of 34J sized tits. Just what I needed to...(Read more)

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If a player scores 3 times during a game of footy it's known as a hat trick... Well this interviewee had a hat trick of her own, but not of the football variety. She'd been fucked and filmed by a...(Read more)

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I love this time of year when Halloween comes around. Plenty of late night parties with hot girls dressed up as witches in suspenders and sexy outfits. Lovely. So I spruced up the office with a few...(Read more)

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Some girls that come to see me are harder to crack than others. Well this girl was a diamond. Even well I told she could earn thousands of dollars from doing nude modelling she still snubbed it. The...(Read more)

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I have fucked my fair share of fit looking girls, but todays girl really upped the ante. I started getting a hard on the second Jennifer walked through the door. This girl is blonde, petite with a...(Read more)

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