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I've got hot girls wanting to suck and fuck me all day long. They want me to get them jobs in the porn industry. There's just one problem with that, I'm the Fake Agent UK! I usually like a creampie with my cup of tea, and I'm partial to a slice of anal. Click play to get a good idea of what I mean. Enjoy! PS. This one's on me, free! Keep calm and carry on fucking.

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When I hear the word moor, I think dirty, stinking, filthy, nasty. Well this must also be true when transferred over to a persons name. Rebecca Moore was my morning slot today, looking tall, smart,...(Read more)

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Candi Cox, sounded like a porn name I thought. As it turned out she did indeed fuck for money. Candi was from the States looking to increase her porn profile in the UK. Sorry love you read the wrong...(Read more)

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They say all good things come in small packages, this I found very true of Roxi. This ebony chick was tiny but in perfect proportion with a great arse. During the interview I initially shocked her...(Read more)

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My next appointment turned up and looked familiar. Then bang, my memory kicks in and on comes a wave of fear, I do know this bird, I'd interviewed her a while back and her husband came bursting into...(Read more)

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Me and my mate Jon have an understanding, where I send him girls and he sends me some. It's a good little arrangement we've got going. Today I get an unexpected knock on my door, it's from a pretty...(Read more)

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Ahh, it was good to be back in Mother England, had a good old fry up ready to give me a bit of energy for todays offerings. It doesn't take too long after placing an ad in the local rag before the...(Read more)

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Prague was started to do my head right in, like I said before, no greasy fry up, no decent real ales, no proper boozers... But, the women are so fucking hot I just had to stay a little longer. Todays...(Read more)

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Kim used to be an exotic dancer, but had fallen on hard times and was looking to make some quick cash doing some modelling work... I suggested porn, she said no, I said 2 grand, her answer turned to...(Read more)

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I do like waterskiing and I love a bit of jet skiing... You could say I love water sports. You can tell where I'm going with this. So I went out on the piss in Prague, a big night out, a mixture of...(Read more)

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