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Curvy Brunette Rides Agent's Cock After Losing Her Job

Kim used to be an exotic dancer, but had fallen on hard times and was looking to make some quick cash doing some modelling work... I suggested porn, she said no, I said 2 grand, her answer turned to yes in a heartbeat. Funny that, how the universal language of cash can change a mind so quick. She strips, and reveals a curvy, petite mediterranean tanned body with massive tits. All good so far, then onto a clean shaven pussy accompanied with a pierced clit. Nice touch. So I get my digits to work on this Turkish beauty and notice that her pussy is tight, well tight, nearly watertight, call a fucking locksmith I need to get into this sharpish. If its that tight around my fingers, what's it going to be like around my shaft?! It was about time to find out. Two words, tight fit. God it felt good. I had to keep changing position just to hold off the white army. Then I went into doggystyle and thought fuck it and went hard and fast... Well, let's just say little Kim couldn't quite take my length, so it was time to put it back in her mouth and finish the deed. Now when I cum, I cum big, and I don't know what sort of calibre of cumshot Kim was used to, but she wasn't quite expecting the explosion of cum that covered her entire face. She didn't know what to do, much to my amusement. So I wiped her down and showed her the door. Next.

July 4, 2014
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