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Today I had another blast from the past. A girl I'd interviewed about a year ago... another loony bird that threatened to beat me up, a lot of attitude you could say. Well, she came back and told me she'd sorted out her attitude and begged me for another chance. As Victoria was all dolled up looking fantastic, sporting a great set of tits, I thought why not, let's give her a second chance. So she strips off all sexily and teasing like, which turned me on bit, and when it came to the point of beginning to play with her pussy she tells me she's got a surprise... She only goes and pulls out one of those vibrating wand things. Fuck me it sounded powerful, and within minutes she was a squirming mess. At which point she says, she'll probably squirt any second now. Of course I wanted to get a better look at this.... then blammo, Vesuvius blows. She fucking squirted everywhere, all over the sofa, the floor, my face, my shirt even my back got soaked. Impressive. Now from this point on her pussy must have been so sensitive that my tongue, my fingers, my cock made her squirt and cum repeatedly. Wow, it was fucking amazing, pussy juice galore, everywhere. What a mess, a glorious, horny, filthy, sticky mess. Victoria, I'm glad I gave you a second chance, you made my fucking day. Cheers love.

August 5, 2014
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