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Trying Out the Blonde's New Boobs

Do you know what I like more than a good pair of tits? A great set of nipples, and todays appointment had both. Fucking fantastic. I find out that she's an ex student looking to get into porn. Bingo. So I lay out some false earnings and she makes her clothes disappear... Houdini couldn't make clothes disappear as quick as I do. Anyway, I get to work on her pussy, fingers first then my tongue. That warmed her right up... wet, dying for some hard cock, and I happily gave it to her. First in her mouth, then in her tight pussy. Oh my God it felt good, really gripping my shaft and after bending my cock into it for what seemed ages I had to pull out. Nearly came straight up her! At this point she was begging for my spunk, so I gave it to her the only way I know how... Straight in her face, eyes, hair and mouth. What a way to end the day. Perfect. Enjoy.

August 19, 2014
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