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Bulgarian Blonde Bangs Hard

Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing, where I'm going. Fate, destiny... Well, as it turns out Destiny turned up a 2pm today. Bang on time. Perfect. Destiny turned out to be in the form of a Bulgarian chick, late twenties, desperate for work after coming to live in London, not realising how fucking expensive the old smoke has become. Well, I didn't hang around and sold her a dream, and funny enough she bought it! So I proceeded to get her kit off sharpish. Wow, what a figure, I could tell she worked out. Firm body, great tits, even better arse, and when I got her to self masturbate she was wetter than an otters pocket. This turned me right on, my cock was nearly bursting out of my trousers. Let's just say it didn't take me long to whip my cock out and wedge it straight into her mouth. Fair do's whilst this bird isn't the best at deep throat, she has got a wicked tongue... So I put her tongue to the test, licking my arsehole, and it didn't disappoint. Nearly made me fucking cum! Then it was pussy time, where I fucked her amazing wet pussy in a number of positions, where on another 2 occasions her sexual moans and amazing hip actions nearly caused me to blow my load. Fucking hell, this bird really did it for me, and hopefully for you too. Check it out, now.

August 27, 2014
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