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Cali Babe Fucks Dwarf Agent

It's amazing whats girls will do when faced with having sex with a midget in order to earn thousands of dollars in the future. They'll do pretty much anything, although this Californian beauty did require a wee bit of sweet dwarf persuasion to get her kit off, actually it was quite a bit of persuading, so much so I nearly told her to kit up and get out. But the idea of earning thousands a week kept her there. Like all the others I start off gently, with some softcore photos, then a little raunchier and before you know it the girl's naked getting her fingers wet in her pussy. Once they're wet and relaxed they'll do just about anything. Wanking, sucking and fucking midget cock. When Mia got going she really started moaning and groaning, asking me to fuck her harder and faster, to which I did and she loved it, and after fucking her in a number of positions, I let rip with my white hand canon all over her ass. Another satisfied girl... Well, until she realises I'm never going to call her back, but by then I'll have gotten the hell out of Dodge. Huff over and out.

September 30, 2014
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