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Hot Blonde Wants to be a Camgirl

I do so love it when a hot girl turns up and wants to get into an avenue of porn, as it's so much easier to tempt them over to the dark side... Or as I like to call it, the dwarf side of hardcore adult pornography. Rylie was desperate to get into adult web camming, and I could see why. She was mid twenties, hot, blonde, slim physique with great set of natural tits. After her agreeing to take some photos I managed to get her naked and self masturbating, as it's what she would have to do web camming anyway! Then I popped the biggie. If she wanted any work she'd have to fuck a midget. To be honest I think she was a bit curious and turned on by this proposition as she agree'd far too easily. In a flash she was ripping down my underpants and sucking hard on my dick. This girl really wanted a job, I could tell, and after squeezing my shaft into her tight pussy in a number of sofa pounding positions, I came all over her little thatch of pussy hair above her shaven lips. Well that worked off a few cals, time for a little bit of lunch.

November 18, 2014
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