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Agent Teaches Late Blonde a Lesson

Time and time again these girls have tried and tested my patience with their lateness. Today was no exception. Tiffany was over 30 minutes late and I was fuming. When she finally turned up I found myself not going too hard on her due to 2 things. 1 she was really cute and 2 she wasn't exactly local... turn's out she was from Los Angeles. Nice. Anyway, I gave her a light grilling and got on with the matter at hand. As we start chatting I find out that she's actually here to try and get porn work anyway. Result. With 2 grand a day floating in her mind she takes off her clothes and starts playing with her pussy quick sharp. Perfect. My fingers get in on the action to find her pussy is vice tight and her arsehole is even tighter! At that point I thought this pussy might cause me some problems. So then I get her onto a bit of cock sucking, which she gave an admirable effort, though deep throat is definitely off the menu with Tiffany. I just couldn't wait any longer, I had to get my meat spear jammed into her tight pink hole. Wow, it was like pushing King Kongs thumb through a slimline letterbox... Ooh it was nice, too nice and after fucking her in a few cock squeezing positions I had to let rip. I pulled out and sprayed huge ines of cum all over arse, pussy, legs, back, floor. You name it, it got it. Cum splattered. Job done. Next.

December 16, 2014
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