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Cock Hungry Blonde Gets Her Holes Filled With Two Dicks

So I get the call I've been waiting for... it's another lass wanting to give her gash for cash. Perfect, just how I like it. Only problem is she's gone and brought her fucking boyfriend along. Apparently they work together, well, I'm going to bust that idea wide open. This ain't no Romeo & Juliet theatre production, I'm planning on getting my cock wedged right in there. So I tell them that the working together idea is a waste of fucking time, useless, won't earn them a fucking nickel & dime. Fuck me I'm good at this, I'm sure I could sell sand to an Arab. Before they know it I'm getting her to wank her boyfriend off and suck my cock nice and hard. I start to notice the lad is getting a bit jealous, so I get the bird to suck on my fucking big balls. This sends him off a bit and he tries to gain a bit of control over his dirty little bird. But not for long, I get back into the action and get her to lick my arse right in front of him. God I love this, deviance, deception and down right dirtiness. Fair do's to the lad, he's got a bit of stamina and fucks her all the way to a gooey spunk filled finale. Anyway, that's enough commentary, check it out now.

October 10, 2013
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