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Horny Teen Gives Up Her Big Bubble Butt To Agent

By now you'll have probably noticed that I'm all about the arse, whilst I appreciate a good pair of tits it's it's always a girl's arse that get's me hard. When Ava and her perfectly round arse walked through my door she got me jack hammer hard. I knew straight away that I was going to give her the full royal fake agent UK treatment. Hardcore. When I get her to strip off she reveals a beautifully shaped and pert arse matched to a silk purse pussy. God, I couldn't wait to get my shaft into that. After making her finger herself on the couch I got her to give me a damn good gobble. Now when a girl asks you to give her a hand in order to give you deep throat you know she's a keeper. Damn right special. Half way through giving her a lesson in doggy-style she won't stop moving. She's a right little wriggly fucker and I knew exactly what to do with her... Give her a damn good spanking. I'd wanted to do that from the moment she walked through my door. Anyway, I won't give anymore away, you enjoy this fine piece of ass.

October 14, 2013
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