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Married MILF Breaks Wedding Vows For Agent's Cumshot

You know when you think that your going to 'have one of those days' well this is it...The bird I was chatting to on the dog & bone turns up (on time I might add) at the office. But to my surprise she's a lot older than she sounds on the phone. Bollocks! Saying that, she's still sexy though, definitely worth a damn good ploughing. During the interview she lets on that she's married to a fella. Oh well I thought, she'll be out of the door any second. But to my surprise she stayed, asking more and more about the porn jobs on offer. Anyway after a bit more chit chat I start getting her warmed up, ready to do just about anything. When all of a sudden her fucking husband bursts through my fucking door. Jesus Christ, he ain't no dwarf either, 6ft+, big cunt, and meant business. The gorilla pinned me to the fucking wall and I thought it was going to be lights out time, but luckily his bird calmed him down and started bloody fucking him on my couch. My casting couch! Fucker's. Not one to miss out, I carried on filming and finally got back into the action. Anyway, like I said 'one of those days' hopefully never to be repeated as I damn near shit myself. I think it's about time I had a stiff drink. Enjoy.

October 21, 2013
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