Satine - Fakeagentuk


In life there are good and bad surprises... Like your wife cheating on you... Bad surprise. Winning the lotto... Good surprise. Well my next interviewee named Satine was certainly a good surprise. This sweet little blonde darling tells me that she saw my advert in the local rag, has previously done a bit of porn and wants to get back into the business. Bingo. And they say advertising doesn't pay, bollocks. Anyway, this bird is as fresh as morning dew, sleek, blonde, with an amazing arse and sporting a wispy little bush. God I love a bit of natural hair on a bird, it drives me wild. After getting her to finger herself I ask her to give me a blowjob, to which she was a bit apprehensive, where I then pointed out that she was welcome to leave at any point, but if she did she'd never see the

December 23, 2013
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