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Cute 18-Year-Old Gets Agent's Cock Hard For A Fucking

Now I do like fresh young pussy, but when Veronica came knocking at my door I wasn't quite expecting a fresh 18yr to be standing there. Wow. Anyway, just to be sure, I gave her a right grilling over her age and she assured me that without a shadow of doubt she was definitely 18. The last thing I need right now is the old bill bashing down my door, if you know what I mean. Well, Veronica didn't particularly care what modelling she did, so long as it has high paying stuff. Needless to say when I threw the prospect of earning 2 grand a day doing porn she dropped her knickers in a matter of seconds. Good girl. I must say, what a fantastic, firm body she has. Wow. Good arse, good legs, good God I was in for a treat. So I set about fingering her fresh tight holes with my digits, noticing that she didn't put up any resistance to her bumhole being played with... I'll be riding the train to caramel town, very shortly. But, as I've said before I never just bang it in there, you got to work it gently, relax the bird, then send in the forces. Pussy first, bang I'm in, and boy was it tight. Fuck me. Warmed her right up, then went in for a bit of anal. Eased it in gently and then proceeded to fuck her in all manner of positions. Fair do's this young un is a bit of a go'er, but her arsehole proved too much for me and I had to let rip. Straddling her chest I pumped both barrels right in her mouth and over her pretty little face. What an afternoon. Enjoy.

January 31, 2014
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