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Newly Single Babe With Pink Hair Takes A Face Full Of Agent's Cum

Carly, Carly, Carly, I didn't recognise this chick at first, but when she explained to me that she had come to me before with her boyfriend (Pete) I vaguely remembered her. My initial thoughts were... What the fuck is she doing here? Is she going to give me a right grilling? Has she called the old bill? Well, as it turns out she's back, still trying to get some porn work. So I ask a few questions and find out that her and Pete split not long after the interview. This was an opportunity to spin a yarn that I couldn't miss. I told her that I'd given Pete the info about some porn shoots, but he didn't relay that info. Suckered. So I dispense with the usual formalities and get her straight into it. When she was with her boyfriend she was a bit tame. Not any more! She was as wet as an otter's pocket, fingering herself into a right squirting mess. Wow, this turned me right on and I was in like flynn, fucking and fingering her to another massive, and I mean massive squirting orgasm all over my fucking couch. What a mess. Undeterred, I get my cock back in and fuck her some more. Well, it didn't take too long to get my cock twitching, ready to blow my load. So I fling her off me and straddle her. Standard. Then absolutely splatter her face with my custard chucker. Can't believe this bird came back for seconds. Oh well, enjoy.

February 7, 2014
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