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Adventurous Blonde Sucks The Cum Out Of Agent's Cock

You know what, London in parts, can be downright dirty, just like my next interview. My morning slot turned nice and punctual (for a change) and looked the part, dressed in high heels, stockings & suspenders, push up bra, slim and blonde. Perfect. As usual, I found out the reason why she was at my door, and it's as I suspected... Glamour and porn, well I checked glamour straight out of the window and filled her head full of porn. Now she was primed I set about getting her wet. During the interview she told me she didn't mind a bit of anal set after dipping my digits in her pussy I pushed a few into her dirtbox, God I love a bird that does anal. Then it was time to sample her lips around my cock and she didn't disappoint. This girl knows how to suck cock and isn't too back at deep throating either. She had this technique that bent my cock and rasped it against her tongue and mouth. Wow. I couldn't had taken much more of that so I got straight into her pussy, doggy style. Now it wasn't long before my focus was back onto her arse once again. First a thumb, then my cock, deep in her arse, just where I like it. Then I thought I'd make myself comfortable and got her to ride my cock on top, get her to put in a bit of effort. Only problem was her arse just felt too good and had to pull out and blow my load all over her minge. Fuck me, I was spent... And I had another interview turning up 30 minutes later. Down 2 cans of Red bull. Sorted.

February 25, 2014
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