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Horny Camgirl Makes The Jump From Online To On Dick

Now I like a girl who knows what she wants, especially when what she wants is to be fucked. Perfect. Lucy is a Cam girl, one of those girls you see on the interweb, playing with sex toys, draining your wallet for a bit of fun. She tells me she want to take the next step and get fucked on camera. Well she'd come to the right place and will most certainly get fucked on camera. IT won't further her career in any shape or form but, I'm more than happy to oblige in her request. Fuck me this bird was tall... 5ft 10 inches, without the fucking 3inch heels she had on. I thought I may need to invest in a step ladder to fuck this bird properly. Anyway, like I said, she's tall, blonde, great legs and has a dependable looking arse. So I get to work on her... fingers, thumbs, tongues... you know the drill, get 'em wet and they'll do just about anything. Things like, tongue fucking your arsehole. Well lads, you enjoy licking a bit of pussy and ass... now get their tongues on yours. This bird had a magic tongue and very nearly made me cum through her licking and sucking on my starfish. Wow. For this, I thought I'd have a bash at her snatch, tonguing and fingering away like a greedy little pig. Now she was aching for my cock, so I slammed away in a number of pussy filling positions, but her pussy was proving too much... I think the rimming may have excited my old boy a bit too much! All I could do was fuck her as hard and fast as I could before spunking in and all over her pussy. Job done. Enjoy.

March 11, 2014
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