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Tattooed Hottie Has Her Holes Filled By Casting Agent

It's not often I get surprised in an interview, but Alessa surprised the hell out of me. This seemingly shy London chick gave me one hell of an amazing fuck. Wow, gold star for you love. In part, I think I've got my mate the taxi driver to thank for this, as Alessa had crossed his path earlier that day and opened her eyes to the possibilities beyond the average day job. Cheers buddy! So, there wasn't much persuading required to get her kit off to parade her beautiful slim and tattooed body around my office. Very sexy. Within minutes digits were plunging deep into her tight little box, then of course mine were too. Standard. This relaxed her nicely, lowering her guard, ready for my cock to invade pussy territory. Oh it was sweet let me tell you, there's nothing like tight wet pussy in the afternoon. Now back to the surprised statement... As I'm fucking her, this shy bird starts shouting out

April 18, 2014
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