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Blonde European Pornstar Puts Her Fit Body To Work For Agent's Dick

Some of the girls that come through my door haven't got a clue how to strip for the camera. It's usually bish, bash, bosh, clothes on the floor. Tina could teach most of the girls a trick or two. This chick really knows how to strip off, teasing, gyrating, sexy like, you know, a real mover? What a fantastic body too. An arse that nearly brought a tear to my eye. Perfect. This bird was already a European porn actress looking to further her UK career. Well, sorry love, wrong office. Anyway, as this bird knows the ropes I get stuck in, digits in her bum and pussy. Both tight as fuck. Then I test her cock sucking skills. Now every girl that has come before me has shed a tear when deep throating my length. Not Tina, this girl has got amazing deep throat skills, not a blemish on her make-up. Amazing. So I re-pay the favour and get my tongue stuck in... What a silky, tasty little pussy it was. After warming her right up I got my cock wedged deep in there. God I love tight pussies and this didn't come much tighter. As usual it's tightness started causing me issues, so I gave her a damn good fingering in between to get the white brigade to stand down. As I was fingering her she moved up and started eating my arsehole out. Good girl. As you know this turns me right on, and after get back into her pussy for a bit, I couldn't hold off any longer and blew my load right over her pussy. Job done. Next.

April 29, 2014
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