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Agent Stuffs His Cock In Pretty Babe's Tight Arse

Now I do love the Northern accent, whether its a Toon lass, Yorkshire, Scot or my favourite of them all is Liverpool. Carmel came to me for glamour and magazine work, which isn't a million miles away from porn so I suggested it, and course stuck in the mass money attached. You guessed it, yes it wasn't long before she had dropped her knickers and was flicking her clit on my sofa. I nearly forgot to mention this Northern lass is tall, slim, has great soft skin, dark hair and one hell of a pert round khyber Pass. These Liverpool girls are dirty if nothing else, so I put this to the test and got her to give me a good old rim job... well, it was one of the best rim jobs I've had in a long time. Anyway, this chick was wearing stockings, so I got her to keep those on, and after getting some of my digits wet in her pussy and tight little arsehole, I wrapped them around her fucking head... Practically folded her in half. This looked fucking amazing and opened her pussy right up. Beautiful. A right turn on. But not too turned on, I composed myself and fucked her in a few other cock smashing positions. But her tight pussy had proved too much, the white brigade exploded out of my cock right up her morris minor. Job done. Then I gave her two minutes to get ship shape and sling her hook... She left cum soaked, half dressed but 100% satisfied.

May 2, 2014
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