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Petite Cutie Leaves Her Boyfriend At Home To Get Proper Fucked By Agent

Last interview of the week and she's late. Really late. You know how much this pisses me off. I fucking hate it when girls are late. She turns up, all dishevelled and very sorry, so I continue with the interview. I find out later on that the taxi driver was the cause of the lateness. Fucker! I'm not one for sloppy seconds, I'll have words with him. Anyway, this chick was slim, quite tall, pierced nipples and from up north. And as I was about to find out, had a very, very tight pussy. So after I lure her in and get her to take the bait I start getting my digits wet. Wow these holes were tight, barely two fingers in her pussy and just managed to squeeze a single digit in her arsehole. Impressive. Then she did something which impressed me further. Deep throat. Wow, this girl has skills, from the word go she wolfed down my cock with ease. Good girl. After that performance I wondered what else her nasty little mouth could do, so I got her to lick my arse and milk my cock at the same time. Heaven. Then it was tight pussy time, and boy was it tight, took a bit of gentle force to send him home, but when he got in there it was like a greased up vice, clamping down on my cock. It felt good, too good and after a number of positions my balls emptied a wad of cum deep into her pussy. What a way to end the week. Enjoy.

May 13, 2014
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