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Petite Australian Hottie Treats Agent To Her Land Down Under

This Aussie chick I had today really put the shits up me. Not because she was scary, or a lunatic, but she looked so young. Even after checking her genuine Australian passport which stated she was 24, I still didn't believe it. Lucie had done a bit of porn in Oz and wanted to further her international career, so she didn't take much persuading to get her kit off. Holy shit, she was so petite, after a bit of self masturbation I flipped her over and managed to get her whole arse cheek in the palm of my hand. Now that's petite! After fingering her tight little arsehole for a bit I introduced her to my arsehole, where her talented little tongue really hit the spot. Then it was time to introduce my cock to her pretty little arsehole. It was a tight fit, but after a bit of persuading it glided in like a hot knife through butter. God it felt good. But, I also love a bit of pussy action, so I got her to suck her arse juice off my cock and began banging away at her pussy. After a few of my favourite positions I thought I'd pick her up and fuck her standing up. This was fucking amazing and after plonking her back on the sofa I blew my wad all over her pussy lips. Only problem was, a couple of seconds later her phone goes and its her dad and he knows whats she's doing and where she is. Let's just say I weren't going to hang about and got both me and her out of there in a flash. Crisis averted. Enjoy.

May 28, 2014
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