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Agent Takes Broke Hottie For A Ride On His Dick

I've got this dirty taxi driver mate who now and again drops girls off to me on a promise that work will come their way. Well, today was one of those days. I get a knock at the door and there's a hot looking chick saying she's been dropped off by a taxi driver who said I could get her some work. So I ask her what sort of work? She says bar work... Sorry love no bar work here, only a huge dollop of hardcore porn. At first she was unsure, but, you guessed it, two grand was laid out to her and before you could say jumping jack flash her kit was off. After this it was plain sailing, a bit of this, a bit of that, fingers, tongues you know what I mean. Her pussy was now ready to get acquainted with my cock. There's nothing quite like 22yr old soft, shaven pussy. This unexpected interview was turning out just fine and after a bit of classic missionary, side on and doggy style I got her on top. Only problem was I think I'd worn her out! She was proper fucked, so I put in a bit of overtime and went into rapid fire mode. By this point her snatch was dripping wet and I was about ready to blow my load too! Whilst I usually like to cum over girls faces, tits and my upholstery, I thought fuck it, so I pulled out and bolted hot spunk all over her snatch and pushed it back into her pussy for good measure. Like I said, unexpected, but well worth it. I'll have to buy the taxi driver a beer or two down the local boozer later on.

June 11, 2014
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